At first it can just be a vague idea or a sudden flash of genius. It is then followed by thorough market research and the evaluation of a possible demand. An analysis of existing processes is established by top class experts in their respective field. The idea becomes a business model with an appropriate revenue model. An innovation is created that now needs to be rolled out with a solid concept.


A business concept should always have a project schedule that adheres to a specific roll out scenario that gets developed in several steps and then enters the market. The first step here is to focus on the core of the business where the opportunities are the most lucrative, by appealing to the first customers and generating sales. The goal is to reach the Proof of Concept as soon as possible. By enabling this factor promptly, investors are able to buy into the company early. This ensures rapid growth and holds copy cats at bay which are not unheard of in the digital startup business. Even though we start with this one step, the other steps in our roll out plan aren’t visions but assessed thought through concepts. To guarantee the success of the business model you need all the necessary business partners, employees, adequate investors and strategists for the project. We of course provide a business plan with a detailed earnings report and an appealing and convincing presentation. These are important when presenting the business model to a possible investor.


Sprang Ventures has a network of experts from old and new economy with many years of experience that can assist in the process of team building and market research. This enables us to integrate highly qualified managers from the old economy for almost every branch of business. They can then recruit professionals into the team. We see the mixture of old and new economy professionals as a fundamental factor for success in startups. Sprang Ventures incorporates the developers and marketers as shareholders in the company instead of relying solely on the provision of services. Not only does this guarantee safety in the development through entrepreneurial commitment but also makes it more cost efficient by reducing costs in the initial start up process. Also in the following phases we acquire strategic and media partners. This mutual agreement of media for equity makes the startup grow effectively and as cost efficient as possible.


In the pre-seed phase of a startup, Sprang Ventures relies on highly qualified business angels that can through their affinity to similar branches assist and even open doors to the startup.

In the main financing round that usually occurs after 12-18 months, Sprang Ventures utilizes their contacts to strategic investors but also to branch specific Corporate Ventures and national and international Venture Capital companies.

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