The digital revolution is here and is swiftly changing almost all business aspects of the old economy with completely new procedures. At first these were just B2C concepts. Meanwhile the new economy has been able to pierce through to to this date closed B2B markets. New industries like the C2C concepts of the sharing economy bring the subject of “digital sustainability” to the consumer. All of this gets optimized and accelerated by the vast scope of smart phones and tablets through their online marketing capabilities and tracking methods by Big Data.

Sprang Ventures developes digital business models from the idea up to the online establishment and accompanies them through all their stages of growth. Here we adapt some of the old economy business models to the digital world or create completely new e-commerce business models that because of the convergence of media in Smart TVs will in future permanently change the media landscape, the buying patterns of consumers and also the distribution of advertising markets.

Sprang Ventures administers the projects themselves. In the team building process we exclusively look for partners that are also shareholders, bringing a high level of commitment and therefore additionally having a large interest in the success of the startup.